SQLGrinder 2 Release Notes

This blog documents the changes made in each version of SQLGrinder.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Version 2.0.0 Beta 12

SQLGrinder 2 Beta 12 includes the following changes:
  • [FIXED] Fixed a problem creating new statements in sublists in SQL statement library.

  • [FIXED] Fixed a problem saving a SQL statement that occurred after a change was made and saved, where the editor was not getting marked as edited after subsequent changes were made to the same statement.

  • [FIXED] Resolved some SQL syntax coloring problems.

  • [FIXED] Fixed problems enabling and disabling Cut and Delete commands in the schema browser when the data table is the focused object.

  • [FIXED] Fixed problem in Message window updating display for selected message.

  • [FIXED] Removed some unimplemented menu/toolbar items.

  • [ADDED] Added a "Restylize Text" command to Editor menu to reset coloring if it goes awry.

  • [ADDED] Added a little more feedback during long data imports.

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